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  • September 7, 2022

BRRT Appoints Executive Director

BRRT Appoints Executive Director

BRRT Appoints Executive Director 1024 813 Brandywine River Restoration Trust

Delaware Senator Tom Carper (L) and BRRT Executive Director Jim Shanahan (R) at the Delaware Watershed Conservation Fund Grant Announcement

The Brandywine River Restoration Trust (BRRT) is pleased to announce the appointment of Jim Shanahan to the position of Executive Director.

Jim co-founded Brandywine Shad 2020 in 2017 to enable the annual migration of American Shad by removing or modifying 11 dams on the Brandywine River. The organization recently changed its name to Brandywine River Restoration Trust, to reflect an evolving mission including improving water quality, reducing damage from flooding and providing equitable opportunities for environmental education and recreation.

H. Hunter Lott III, Co-Founder and President of BRRT says, “Jim’s dedication to our mission over the past 3 years has been remarkable. I am confident BRRT will succeed in our mission under his leadership.”

Jim brings valuable expertise in creating, leading and managing organizations through a successful career in financial services where he held senior management positions at American Express, MasterCard and MBNA. He has long been an advocate for environmental causes including his participation on the Franklin, PA Open Space Committee, organizing annual cleanups and helping to obtain a Wild and Scenic River designation for the White Clay Creek.

“I am honored to have this opportunity to lead BRRT in its mission to restore the Brandywine River” says Shanahan. “Especially, to work with the many talented and dedicated environmentalists in Delaware who share our vision.”

Shanahan lives in downtown Wilmington on the banks of the Brandywine with his wife Tami, rescue dog Sam and cat TJ, where he swims as often as weather permits. Since the removal of the first dam in 2019, he delights in watching the annual migration of thousands of juvenile shad as they begin their journey to the Atlantic Ocean, every fall.

“There is nothing like seeing this amazing demonstration of nature which will only grow as more dams are removed” says Shanahan.

Jim is on the Board of Directors of the community focused non-profit Old Brandywine Village and President of the 1960 Superfine Lane Condominium Association. He holds a BA from the University Notre Dame and an MBA in Finance and Marketing from Columbia University Graduate School of Business.

About Brandywine River Restoration Trust
Founded in 2017, Brandywine River Restoration Trust is a consortium of 10 local, regional and national conservation minded organizations that are working together to enable the annual migration of anadromous fish including American Shad on the Brandywine River.