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  • November 20, 2023

BRRT Fundraiser | Delaware Gives

BRRT Fundraiser | Delaware Gives

BRRT Fundraiser | Delaware Gives 1024 683 Brandywine River Restoration Trust

Give the gift of safe water recreation!

Clean water and safe recreation should be available to everyone! Unfortunately, waterways near underserved communities, such as the Brandywine River, are often in need of remediation. Children and families swim, wade, and even unknowingly drink contaminated water.

This is why our Water Quality Program is so important! Your gift will help provide safe recreation and clean water through the Water Quality Program. Every $100 raised will also help support other community programming such as our seasonal fishing camp, Kids Fish the Brandywine.

There is no exercise better for the heart than reaching down and lifting people up. Here at BRRT we are about fish, nature, AND people! We host over 1,500 people each year at ShadFest, teach children how to fish through Kids Fish the Brandywine, and give people the tools they need to be successful and good stewards of the environment. This past year we created the opportunity for youth to be scientists through an intern program — and paid them for their time.

Please help support your neighbors, local youth, underserved communities, and your environment this Giving Tuesday!

About BRRT
Brandywine River Restoration Trust (BRRT) is driven by the compassion of concerned neighbors, citizens, and organizations wanting to restore the Brandywine River to the clean, protected, and bountiful river it once was over 300 years ago, before 11 now obsolete dams were erected. These dams prevent the migration of aquatic creatures including one of the most important links to the entire ecosystem, the American Shad. Without these fish, and without a free-flowing river much of the wildlife that once naturally cleaned the river cannot survive.

We believe in equitable opportunity for all. The Brandywine River should be accessible for everyone to enjoy and we work tirelessly to make this happen.