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  • August 9, 2022

Evolving Mission, New Name

Evolving Mission, New Name

Evolving Mission, New Name 900 675 Brandywine River Restoration Trust

Brandywine Shad 2020 announces a name change to Brandywine River Restoration Trust (BRRT). The new name is more reflective of the broader long-range benefits accompanying the return of American Shad to the Brandywine River including improving water quality and providing equitable opportunities for environmental education and recreation.

BRRT began in 2017 with efforts that have resulted in awareness, support, and excitement to restore American Shad to the Brandywine. Over the past several years BRRT has made significant progress towards implementation of their mission:

  • Obtained over $1.5 million in funding from federal, state and private sources
  • Worked with the Diamond State Port Corporation to develop passage at Dam 2
  • Developed engineering solutions for the removal of Dams #4 and #6
  • Conducted hydrologic studies to determine impact of dam removal
  • Worked with Delaware Department of Natural Resources and Environmental Control to collect and analyze sediment samples for eight dams
  • Developed cultural and archaeological studies in compliance with Section 106 of National Historic Preservation Act
  • Organized ShadFest for over 20 local environmental organizations attended by over 1,500 people to engage and educate the public

H. Hunter Lott III, Co-Founder and President of BRRT says The new name better reflects the variety of programs that BRRT is undertaking as our mission evolved from enabling the migration of American Shad to restoring and protecting the lower Brandywine for future generations.

Gaining momentum on the heels of a very successful 2nd Annual Brandywine River ShadFest, the newly named organization is excited to announce that permits are almost complete for the removal of Dam 4 and Dam 6 as well as fish passage at Dam 2.

Added Lott, BRRT is grateful for the partnership of Founding Members Brandywine Conservancy, Hagley Museum and Library, and the University of Delaware Water Resources Center, without whose support none of this would happen.

About Brandywine River Restoration Trust
Founded in 2017, Brandywine River Restoration Trust is a consortium of 12 local, regional and national conservation minded organizations that are working together to enable the annual migration of anadromous fish including American Shad on the Brandywine River.

About the University of Delaware Water Resource Center (DWRC)
Established in 1965, DWRC is one of the 54 National Institutes for Water Resources at landgrant universities with a mission to support research, education, and public outreach programs that focus on water supply, water management, and water quality — issues of considerable importance to Delaware citizens who are concerned about the future of our water resources. For more information, visit www.wrc.udel.edu.

About Brandywine Conservancy
The Brandywine Conservancy protects the lands throughout the Brandywine Valley, developing new conservation approaches and assuring access to majestic open spaces and dependable water supplies for generations to come. For more information, visit www.brandywine.org/conservancy.

About the Hagley Museum and Library
Hagley Museum and Library interprets the unfolding history of American business, technology, and innovation, and its impact on the world, from our home at the historic DuPont powder yards on the banks of the Brandywine in Wilmington, Delaware. For more information, visit www.hagley.org.